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You’ve got great style, translate trends, and know what works for your friends. Why not earn income doing something you love and already do?

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You want to feel current, confident and chic—without navigating endless style options. Shop our curated collections before they disappear...coming soon!

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You want to freshen up your wardrobe when you want to – it’s not seasonal, it’s emotional. For some that’s fun – for others it’s not – we get it, that’s why at Stylevate we’ve got you both covered.
What is Stylevate?
A passionate network of friends shopping and sharing style with friends
Why so great?
As a Stylevator, you can earn money by doing something you love and already do.
How does it work?
1. Become a Stylevator - So many benefits! Exclusive shopping window, insider prices, and your own mobile store to start earning immediately.
2. Stylevate Yourself – Shop curated, chic looks from well-known fashion brands that we call drops (because the merchandise “drops” in and sells out).
3. Stylevate Others – When your friends ask, “Where’d you get that?” you can Stylevate them in just a few clicks and earn 20% on anything they directly buy from your mobile store. And if you think your friends will like certain items in the drop (whether you bought them or not), simply share them (text/email/social) and if they buy, you still earn 20%.
How to earn even more
Everyone knows someone who would make a great Stylevator—think another city or state! Onboard new Stylevators and earn 5% on anything they buy and sell. Insider tip: for people who trust your style instincts, you’ll earn more by keeping them as customers instead of Stylevators.
Giving is always in style
A percentage of sales from each drop will be donated to a charitable cause our Stylevator community cares about.
Everybody wins
Women have a fun gig opportunity in fashion, brands get mobile and personal, and customers get styled by people they know and trust!
What’s next?
Signing up is easy and it’s free for a limited time during our pre-launch.